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Xvirus CLI

Xvirus CLI 4.2.

Table of Contents

Minimum Requirements

The following Operating Systems are supported:

  • Windows:
    • Windows 10 1607
    • Windows 11 22000
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server Core 2012
  • Linux (glibc 2.17):
    • Alpine Linux 3.15
    • CentOS 7
    • Debian 10
    • Fedora 36
    • openSUSE 15
    • Oracle Linux 7
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
    • SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES) 12 SP2
    • Ubuntu 18.04


  • Version 4.2:

    • Reduced glibc minimum version to 2.17 on Linux
    • Added "Logging()" function to enable/disable logging
    • Added "BaseFolder()" function to set a custom base folder
    • Added new setting "DatabaseFolder" to set the Database folder path
    • Fixed C++ binding will return "Success=false" correctly when failing to scan a file
  • Version 4.1:

    • Upgraded from .NET 5 to .NET 7
    • C++ bindings now also support Linux
    • Changed how exceptions are handled in C++ bindings
  • Version 4.0:

    • Completely redone in .NET 5
    • Now supports Linux (CLI and C# bindings only)
    • Added XvirusAI scan engine (BETA)
    • Scan speed is up to 2x faster
    • Fixed memory usage spike when scanning large files
    • Removed file size limit for scanned files by default
    • The checkUpdate function can now check for SDK updates
    • Added 3 new settings "EnableAIScan", "MaxScanLength" and "DatabaseVersion"

Known Issues

  • XvirusAI engine is still in BETA. It is not recomended to use in production yet.
  • XvirusAI engine does not work in C++ bindings.
  • The checkUpdate function can now check for SDK updates but can't update it

Get Started

You can run it by opening executable file in the bin folder with a command as the execution argument. For example: XvirusSDK.exe interactive.

Avaiable Commands

You have the following commands available:

  • Interactive - Starts Xvirus CLI in interactive mode. When in this mode you can write commands and the executable will keep running until you call the quit command.
  • Quit - Stop Xvirus CLI execution.
  • Load 'force' - Loads Xvirus Scan Engine into memory, if set force=true it will reload the scan engine, even if it is already loaded.
  • Unload - Unloads Xvirus Scan Engine from memory.
  • Scan 'filepath' - Scans the file located at filepath. It will print one of the following messages:
    • "Safe" - If no malware is detected.
    • "Malware" - If malware is detected but the name isn't known.
    • Malware Name - If it is malware from a known family (example: "Trojan.Downloader").
    • "AI.{aiScore}" - Score of the file using XvirusAI from 0 to 100, the higher the score the more probable it is malicious (example: "AI.99").
    • "File not found!" - If no file is found in the submited path.
    • "File too big!" - If the file size is bigger than the set limit.
    • "Could not get file hash!" - There was an error calculating the hash of the file.
  • Update 'checkSDKUpdates' 'loadDBAfterUpdate' - Checks and updates the databases and AI engine to the most recent versions. If checkSDKUpdates=true then it will also check for SDK updates. If loadDBAfterUpdate=true then it will reload the Xvirus Scan Engine after the update is done. It can print the following messages:
    • "There is a new SDK version available!"
    • "Database was updated!"
    • "Database is up-to-date!"
  • Logging 'enableLogging' - Sets and prints if Logging is enabled. If no enableLogging value is provided it will only print.
  • BaseFolder 'baseFolder' - Sets and prints the BaseFolder path. If no baseFolder value is provided it will only print.
  • Settings - Prints the settings.json file.
  • Version - Prints the version of the SDK/CLI.


Settings are located in the "settings.json" file in the root folder of the SDK. There are 5 avaiable options:

  • EnableHeuristics - Enables heuristics scanning of files. Default: true
  • EnableAIScan - Enables XvirusAI scan engine. This feature is still in BETA. Default: false
  • MaxScanLength - Maximum file size to be scanned in bytes. If set "null" then there is no limit. Default: null
  • DatabaseFolder - Path to the database folder, it accepts both relative and absolute paths. Default: "Database"
  • DatabaseVersion - KeyValue list of database files version. This is updated automatically when using the "checkUpdate()" function.

Example of a settings.json file:

  "EnableHeuristics": true,
  "EnableAIScan": false,
  "MaxScanLength": null,
  "DatabaseFolder": "Database",
  "DatabaseVersion": {
    "AIModel": 0,
    "MainDB": 0,
    "DailyDB": 0,
    "WhiteDB": 0,
    "DailywlDB": 0,
    "HeurDB": 0,
    "HeurDB2": 0,
    "MalvendorDB": 0


If any of the functions fail it may return an exception. Exception will stop the execution of the CLI.

All exceptions are logged in the errorlog.txt file.